Hayden, Idaho: Bring That Pickle Inside!

Local pickleball enthusiasts have a warm and dry place to school their buddies on the court now. Hayden’s Peak Health and Wellness is the home of four brand new indoor courts — the first and only in the area dedicated solely to one of America’s fastest growing sports. 

“There are several indoors places that have them on gymnasium floors,” said Peak Health and Wellness managing partner Gary Retter. “But this is the only dedicated court — there’s nothing else going on in there.”

The three-month project added 7,400 square feet to the facility. Any club or tennis club member has access, and future plans will include open tournaments and league play for its members. The existing indoor tennis courts can be taped to double as pickleball courts for large tournaments, creating up to 16 courts.

“There will be a couple of those a year,” said Retter. “Especially in the winter months when we can’t play outside.” 

On Thursday the courts were full of action, as Retter, the tennis/pickleball pro staff team, several business sponsors and partners from Selkirk Sport gave each other a run for their money in the inaugural first round of play. Selkirk Sport manufactures high performance paddles here locally, and in an unofficial partnership, has strategically helped to grow the sport of pickleball in Coeur d’Alene.

“Today is the soft opening. We’ll listen to people play, get any kinks out and then Jan. 25th we’ll have a grand opening. Along with that will come some kind of open play tournament that the public will be invited to and we’ll have a membership special,” Retter said.

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