Parkersburg, West Virginia’s First Pickleball Tournament!

PARKERSBURG W.Va, (WTAP)- Pickleball. It has nothing to do with being caught in a rundown or burger embellishments.

“It’s a tennis, ping-pong mixture. It’s good for their health and they really enjoy to do it so,” explains Jeff Snider, the logistics coordinator for the Parkersburg YMCA.

The Parkersburg YMCA held a pickleball tournament on Saturday with five pairs competing in the first draw. 

“We’re just having fun. Good exercise, for all ages and it’s a good game to play,” says Orlando Yaconis, a competitor in the first tournament of the day. 

“We have [pickleball] Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Wednesday mornings, Friday evenings, they’re here all the time,” continues Snider. 

Competitors see the unique game as a fun way to stay active.

“Just an old retired guy looking to keep young and keep fit…It’s just good exercise. Good exercise and fun people to play with. We’re having a good time,” adds Yaconis. 

And it’s something the YMCA plans to continue.

“This is our first one we’ve done in a while, but it’s going to be going on. We’re just now bringing sports back to the YMCA. It’s been gone for a while so we’re trying to bring everything back. We have a volleyball tournament coming up, we have volleyball Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have wallyball which is in our racquetball room. So we’re trying to get everything back, sports wise, to the YMCA…pickleball is a hit here…so we’re going to try to do a pickleball tournament once a month or at least once every other month, and just try to raise some money for the YMCA,” Snider notes.

And he continues to say that the game provides a fun camaraderie to the rec center. 

“It brings people together. It brings old tennis players that can’t do tennis as much anymore, then they come here and play pickleball and they have a great time.” 

It’s $20.00 to compete in the pickleball tournament, and the winner receives a free three month membership to the Parkersburg YMCA. 

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