Vancouver Island: Fowl play? 93 chickens captured and imprisoned on Pickleball court, after mysteriously running wild

Some of the nearly 100 chickens that inexplicably showed up all over the Saanich Peninsula Thursday morning appeared to be exhausted and starving, according to officials.

Police, firefighters and animal control officers spent their morning rounding up dozens of birds that were running free in multiple locations in Central Saanich and North Saanich.

They could be seen corralling about 30 chickens in two areas of Wallace Road in Central Saanich, and several more chickens on Wain Road in North Saanich.

First responders then managed to capture an additional 23 “unruly” chickens in the 800-block of Birth Road in a Pickleball court before animal control could pick them up.

Here’s the Tweet:

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