Barriere, British Columbia, Canada: Playing Pickleball could just be your New Years resolution

Many people make a New Years Resolution with good intentions, however, usually the resolution falls by the wayside as we try and incorporate something new in our lives. Pickleball could be the answer to helping you with your New Years resolution whether it is to lose weight, become more active, learn something new, socialize more, laugh more, become more involved in the community, meet new people …all without spending too much money.

Pickleball is instrumental in helping with both physical and mental health. By being actively involved in a sport that anyone can play, one can acquire an increase in physical fitness. A boost to your cardiovascular system helps to prevent many of the unwanted problems of older age like hypertension, stroke and heart attack (providing you do not over do it). A good aerobic workout that is not a great strain on your joints and muscles and helps with balance and agility.

Often one is so involved in hitting that little wiffle ball one forgets they are exercising. Ask any Pickleball player as to why they play, and you might find that ‘winning’ the game is low on the list.

Many new players are surprised as to how easy it is to play this racquet sport and cite that the overall good feeling (release of endorphins) felt during the game lasts for hours after.

Anyone that skis (or perhaps plays computer games) will know what most Pickleballers mean when they want to ‘play one more game’.

Pickleball has a great fun/social aspect to it – and might help you forget your problems, and usually the actual score during an active session. Laughter can be heard throughout games of pickleball (with ‘Get out of the Kitchen’ coming in second).

Its not too late to learn something new, we are there to encourage everyone to participate in this sport, come and see for yourself – we are at the Barriere Ridge gymnasium every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and have three courts available – no experience necessary.

Additional times are Tuesdays between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Barriere and District Seniors Hall (only one court is available so play time is limited ) We also have all the equipment required – paddles, balls, and nets, you just need to bring yourself wearing non- marking indoor shoes (sneakers) and a water bottle. Your first time is free (usually there is a $3.00 nominal fee).

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