Canyon Lake, California: Pickleball Club presents charitable donation – The Canyon Lake Pickleball Club chose Helping Hands Group as their philanthropic partner for 2018. The Helping Hands Group offers “caring people to help people in need in Canyon Lake and the surrounding areas.” The goal of the non-profit organization is to serve the disabled, elderly and people in crisis with compassion and care.

On behalf of the Pickleball Club, the board of directors recently presented Helping Hands Group Director Robert Sasser with $1,678. Pickleball Club President Steve Libring and his wife Diane matched the funds raised to help the club exceed last year’s goal of $1,500. Helping Hands Group plans to use the donation toward Valentine’s Day food bags for local disabled seniors.

Helping Hands Group is a faith-based, all-volunteer community service organization serving low-income neighbors in need by offering aid and assistance in the form of long-term and immediate relief with food, clothing, guidance, hands-on support and prayer. It provides a pathway for concerned people to serve disadvantaged people in the local community.

Helping Hands Group was formed in 2008 and formally became a California Corporation in 2013. In 2016, it became a 501(c)(3) corporation for public benefit.

The organization is governed by a board of directors and has two full-time volunteers, 10 on-call volunteers and more than 300 volunteers who participate in various projects. For more information, visit

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