Drumheller, Alberta, Canada: Pickleball Taking Drumheller by Storm

[drumhelleronline.com:] If you’re slacking in the New Years resolution department because you are a tad bit older, have aches and pains that were not there in the younger years and you are in your 40’s or older, and think, my body has been through so much already, stop right there. You need to try this cool, new, low impact, healthy choice.

Pickle Ball is taking Drumheller by storm by being a healthy, social and fun new, low impact sport. Leading Pickle Ball enthusiast, Ian Jones of Drumheller, explains how the game came about.

“It’s a game that was started in 1985 in Oregon. A bunch of people took a badminton game outside and decided to change it a little bit, made a sport with a wiffle ball over a low net and they played in their back yard.”

This game is not only for Seniors but seems to be the majority in Drumheller right now. Younger, inexperienced players are welcome with open arms. The seniors welcome a challenge at any age.

“In 2009 it just blossomed. Up here in Canada, It was our Snowbirds that were going down to Florida and to Arizona and they’re the ones who brought the game up to Canada.”

“We have about 45 active players on my list. 45’s a pretty good number for our size of town.” Jones stated.

The Badlands Community Facility is offering beginner courses to learn this fantastic low impact, fun game for all in the upcoming months.pickleballpic3

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