PickleballScores.com Provides Organizational Software to Rec Players

Putting together a pickleball event or league, even if it’s local, is a highly involved process. Keeping track of registrations, player results and determining skill levels—especially for rec leagues that may not care about USAPA ratings—can not only be time consuming but difficult to fairly evaluate.

PickleballTournaments.com is a wonderful tool to manage tournaments, as its name suggests, but picklers haven’t had a comprehensive tool that helps them manage other events until now.

Last spring the owners of Pickleball Magazine approached Tenniscores.com to see if they could create a similar system for pickleball. As the largest platform for tennis leagues in the U.S., they had plenty of experience to contribute when it came to building organizational software.

The leagues and tournaments modules are particularly helpful for players looking to get an idea of how they rank locally. PickleballScores.com will automatically adjust player’s ratings based on their play and results via a point system, allowing everyone involved to see how they stack up.

pickleballscores demo
A demo box league

PickleballScores.com offers a free demo on their site if you’d like to try it out for yourself and see if the software makes your pickleball events easier to manage—for both you and your club members or friends! Whether you play in a smaller group or a larger league, we believe that a service which reduces the amount of time needed to manually set up leagues like this will be nothing but positive.

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