Mount Vernon, Washington: Letter to the Editor – “Pickleball Takeover”

Letter ( A pickleball takeover

Feb 1, 2019

What’s this that’s been taking over the town?

Insidiously, while we weren’t even looking, our quiet, happy routines have been disrupted by a growing menace. Whether it’s a nice walk in the park or a simple game of tennis, our lives are increasingly being dominated by pickleball.

From the noisy sound of the pickle (or whatever the ball is called) banging off the comically oversized paddles, to the lack of decorum from the near retirees who can’t seem to remember that you …. wait …. until a point is over before loudly strolling across the court you are playing on, the game is methodically destroying the civic joys that we all take for granted.

Fellow citizens, rise up, and extinguish this scourge before it consumes us all.

Jeffrey Levine

Mount Vernon

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  1. A Reply:

    Re: “A pickleball takeover,” (Letters, Feb. 1).

    I’m not much of a letter writer but thought I’d respond to Friday’s letter warning Mount Vernon’s citizens about the “pickleball scourge” threatening their town.

    The writer is right that pickleball is becoming more noticeable in local parks. Though the game began in 1965 it has surged in popularity in the last five to six years and is considered one of the fastest growing sports in the country with over 3 million players. One of the big reasons for this growth is the easy learning curve of pickleball.

    In less than an hour, a person can learn the fundamentals and rules of the game and be out on the court having fun.

    The Mount Vernon Pickleball Club was formed last year in response to this growing popularity. Sure, a lot of us are retired and find pickleball a great way to stay active and connected, but it’s truly a cross-generational sport. My 9-year-old grandson loves to get me out on the court when he comes to visit.

    So the next time you see us playing pickleball at Hillcrest Park, come over and say hi. We love to talk about our sport and will probably offer to loan you a paddle and help you learn to play. In minutes, you’ll be having a lot of fun with some new friends.

    Gary Danilson

    Mount Vernon

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