Roseburg, Oregon: Even Snowpocalypse Can’t Stop Pickleballers

The News-Review, by Sanne Godfrey:

The threat of a snowpocalypse didn’t stop people from coming to the Seven Feathers Umpqua Valley Pickleball Tournament over the weekend at the Paul Jackson Indoor Center.

Players came from all over the West Coast to attend the tournament, which had $11,550 in prize money.

More than 180 players competed in the three-day tournament, with options for players to compete each day of the tournament.

“It was busy, but it was so cool,” UVTC general manager Ronda Spencer said. She also noted a large group of players traveled from Humboldt, California, to participate.

The mixed doubled skills group 3.5 had 21 teams competing for a $1,000 top prize. Nancy Sash of Medford and Russell Graves of Ashland took home the gold and the prize money.

The men’s doubles, mixed doubled and women’s doubles had a top prize of $1,000, second place finishers would earn $500 and third place $250. The men’s and women’s singles had a payout of $600 for the winner and the senior men’s doubles had a top prize of $400.

Spencer estimated an average of 10 teams in each doubles bracket.

“In this area, it’s the biggest event,” Spencer said, adding that largest tournament in Oregon is held in Bend during the summer, which draws approximately 400 players. 

A camp/clinic took place on Thursday at the Umpqua Valley Tennis Center. Pickleball pros Michelle Esquivel of Bend and Matthew Blom hosted the clinic. Blom was also a guest speaker at the banquet Saturday night.

Each day lunch was catered by Jimmy John’s and on Saturday a banquet was held at Seven Feathers Casino Resort and a beer garden by Old 99 Brewing Co. was set up outside the tennis center.

Seven Feathers Casino Resort and the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians reached out to the tennis center to see what it would take to host a pickleball tournament. It quickly became apparent that hosting the event at the tennis center would be preferable, but the resort remained the biggest sponsor. A shuttle available to bring people from the tennis center to the resort, as parking at UVTC would be limited.

Umpqua Valley Tennis Center is planning to host two more pickleball tournament this year, one in July and another in September.

Final Results



Open — 1. Riley Newman, Brian Ashworth; 2. Steve Deakin, Nicklaus Williams; 3. Randel Zbinden, Enrique Ruiz. Skill Groups 3.0 — 1. Robert Martinez, Bob Marinez; 2. Kevin Savio, Stan Johnson; 3. Philip Moore, Harold Aguilar. Skill Groups 3.5 — 1. Bob Tucker, Derrick Cox; 2. Dennis Andrews, Clark Springer; 3. Hal Sturgeon, Randy Albert. Skill Groups 4.0 — 1. Jim Price, Paul Baragona; 2. Jeff Eisenbaum, Jim Tully; 3. Jeff Houck, Jeff Cook. Skill Groups 4.5 — 1. David Kowalski, Colton Dunham; 2. Stephen Brown, J. Santiago; 3. David Johnson, Q. Teague. Senior Doubles — 1. Mike Lee, Corey Rose; 2. Joel Heller, Bob Johnson; 3. Howard Parsons, David Pelton.


Open — 1. Riley Newman; 2. Randel Zbinden; 3. E. Smith. Skill Groups 3.0, 2.5, 2.0, 1.5, 1.0 — 1. Tim Clohessy; 2. Kevin Savio; 3. Sill Lyra. Skill Groups 3.5 — 1. David Grube; 2. Tou Vue; 3. Squanch Artas. Skill Groups 4.0 — 1. Colton Dunham; 2. Paul Baragona; 3. Didier Hemelsoet. Skill Groups 4.5 — 1. David Kowalski; 2. Joel Heller; 3. Rick Hammerquist.

Mixed Results

Doubles Open —1. Lindsey Newman, Riley Newman; 2. Belinda Zbinden, Randel Zbinden; 3. Tracie DeJager-Hale, Brian Ashworth. Doubles Skill Groups 3.0 — 1. Dawn Langston, Paul Langston; 2. Shanna Davis, Geoff Davis; 3. Sabrina Johnson, David Vincent. Doubles Skill Groups 3.5 — 1. Nancy Sash, Russell Graves; 2. Melanie Rossetta, Bob Tucker; 3. Katie Collender, Squanch Artas. Doubles Skill Groups 4.0 — 1. Ginger Spohr, Paul Baragona; 2. Christa Danielson, Jeff Houck; 3. Laurie Lozano, J Santiago. Doubles Skill Groups 4.5 — 1. Mary Pieratt, Peter Hill; 2. Sally Ruxton, Joel Heller; 3. Jeanette Welker, David Johnson.



Open — 1. Michelle Esquivel, Lindsey Newman; 2. Belinda Zbinden, Tracie DeJager-Hale; 3. Khaliqa Baqi, Laurel Brown. Skill Groups 3.5 — 1. Heather Langston, Candra Bottorff; 2. Nancy Sash, Melanie Rossetta; 3. Anna Duffy, Katie Collender. Skills Group 4.5 — 1. Sally Brown, Holly Herman; 2. Sally Suxton, Sally Woodman.


Open — 1. Lindsey Newman; 2. Michelle Esquivel; 3. Belinda Zbinden. Skill Groups 3.0 — 1. Pam Wegley; 2. Beth Coker; 3. Diane Guthrie. Skill Groups 3.5 — 1. Lee Chavez; 2. Kathy Carey-Mayberry; 3. Karen Suiker. Skill Groups 4.0 — 1. Sally Ruxton; 2. Mary Witherall; 3. Mary Pieratt.

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