Barriere, British Columbia, Resident Thrilled at the Prospect of Summer Pickleball

Letter to the Editor, North Thompson Star/Journal:

To the editor;

Expressions of happiness elude me after I read the highlights from the District of Barriere Council Meeting report in the Star/Journal earlier this week. Although the article was published on January 31, I am so busy that I often don’t get around to reading the paper (or my mail) until I find a quiet moment. I found lots of quiet moments during this recent sudden temperature drop.

The council is going to include Pickleball in their upcoming budget deliberations! How great is that!

They are thinking of creating two permanent Pickleball courts with plans to paint in the lines for one or two portable nets at the multi-use courts/rink on Airfield Road. This is a dream come true. More opportunity to play Pickleball.

Having outdoor courts will be a huge bonus for the community. Once the weather gets better, and with longer days it is hoped that more people will emerge from their cocoons and try this sport. Perhaps a schedule will be created to enable those that do shift work (or even the 9-5 /8-4 slog) to have the ability to get some exercise in the way of Pickleball. I know that everything is still in its infancy – but, I just cannot contain my excitement.

With the change of the weather, other activities (golf, the lake, gardening, farming, grandkids, etc.) will draw players away from the current Pickleball time slots (Monday and Tuesday 2-4 at the Ridge Gym, Tuesdays 6-8 at the Seniors Hall – Everyone Welcome – currently all equipment supplied).

However, summer time does open the opportunity to get out and about more as winter sports end (curling, cross country and downhill skiing, watching ice hockey on TV, etc.). People tend to be more active and having an outdoor venue will hopefully encourage more people to engage in Pickleball.

Currently the muti-use court/rink is used by skateboarders and it would be awesome if some of the younger residents of the Lower North Thompson tried out what is perceived as a sport for retirees. If I was not so old, I would love to try to skateboard, however at my age, the statistics indicate I have a 100 per cent chance of suffering an injury if I tried to learn to skateboard or snow board. I will carry my Care Card with me to the Outdoor Skateboard/Pickleball court just in case – I might learn something new from the younger generation.

Thank you District of Barriere for making my day by recommending the creation of outdoor Pickleball courts on Airfield Road and including this in your budget deliberations.

Judith Klontz

Barriere, B.C.