Buffalo, Wyoming: Pickleball Group Seeks Permission, Funding To Expand Courts

Aaron Palmer, in sheridanmedia.com, writes:

Cloud Peak Pickleball of Buffalo is looking to increase the number of courts they have to play on from their current three courts they have at the old tennis courts near the Buffalo Childrens’ Center.

The group renovated three of the old, unused courts a couple of years ago and has been using them since.
The growing interest in the sport and the number of people both locally and travelers that use the courts has prompted them to seek permission from the city and possible funding to renovate the remainder of the facility for their use.

Pickleballer Bill Dooley explained their request further. 

The group spent about $5,000 of their own money and volunteered their time to renovate the courts two years ago, and are seeking funding for the next phase of the project.
They have applied for One-Percent Funding already, with no guarantee they will get it, and are asking the city to sponsor an application to the Johnson County Recreation District for the $7,600 they believe it will take to do the renovations and upgrades.
The worst case scenario would be to ask the city council directly for the funds.

No action was taken, but the city and the group will look into the application to the rec district.

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