Grand Island, New York: Welcome to Pickleball Island!

Mike Arena writes, in

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and on Grand Island, Pickleball Island is the only indoor facility in Western New York dedicated solely to pickleball.

“We can get people in their senior years playing against people in their younger years and it’s competitive. The game is about accuracy and skill and the court is small enough that it doesn’t really damage the joints when playing,” said Pickleball Island technical director, Jason Santerre. 

Considered by its players as a larger version of ping pong, Pickleball features a court smaller than a traditional tennis court. Those who play the game say size doesn’t matter and the sport is still a challenging workout. 


“You’ll be sweating a lot by the end and you’ll be sore. You’re working different muscles,” said Santerre.

Pickleball Island offers open play each morning and evening and your first 30-minute lesson is free. 

You can come with a group or as a solo player, and organizers say it’s a great way to make new friends. 

“People who don’t know each other become acquaintances. Then acquaintances become friends and friends become best friends all over this crazy game,” said Pickleball Island co-owner, Ken Knight. 

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