Hot Springs Village, Arkansas: Survive the heat pickleball camp for kids


Imagine your child is marooned on a tropical island in the South China Sea or lost in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas for four grueling mornings with only a pickleball paddle, a ball, and a water bottle. 

How could anyone survive with only those essentials to life?
The Survival Code won’t allow anyone to put their hand in a hole in a tree, chase after snakes, mess with possums, or swing on the pickleball net like a monkey, but we bet your child would be a courageous warrior. 
Registration opens on March 3 through May 13 for just 32 brave kids ages 8 – 13 years old at
Set your sun dials for the coolest ever pickleball camp for kids at the DeSoto Recreation Pickleball Courts June 3 -6, with rain dates of June 7 and 8.
The Tribal Council has spoken – your child will be able to get off the island in just four days.
For more adventurous information contact Christie Borne at

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