Pickleball Is Coming to Montpelier, Vermont

From Montpelierbridge.com:

First In Fitness Likely to Add Pickleball

After hearing from pickleball players, doing some research, and talking to another fitness club that offers pickleball, the owner of the First In Fitness sports club in Berlin is on the verge of trying out the sport in the club’s tennis facility.

“Nothing is set in stone and there is no definitive plan, but I have been talking to some of our members who play pickleball and hearing from others who play, and we are thinking of making a pickleball court available several times a week,” owner Michael Woodfield told The Bridge.
Woodfield said he hopes to get pickleball going at First in Fitness on a trial basis in late February or early March for the rest of the winter. He has some concerns that the noise of pickleball and the additional lines needed on the tennis courts could be disruptive for his members who play tennis, but said he wants to give pickleball a shot.

“Pickleball is a valuable sport,” he said. “If we can accommodate it, it would be good for the club and good for pickleball players.”
Pricing is still being worked out, but First in Fitness tennis members would not have to pay anything extra to play pickleball, he said. Different rates will likely be set for general club members and for non-members who drop in to play, Woodfield said.

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