What’s Pickleball? Find Out During National Pickleball Month

What’s pickleball? Find out during National Pickleball Month

Posted: 3:02 PM, Mar 30, 2019
By: Mark Saunders




(KGTV) — It’s being called the “fastest growing sport in America,” and April is the perfect time to jump in.

April marks National Pickleball Month in America.

Yes, Pickleball.

Never heard of it? It’s okay. Here are the basics: It’s a paddle-based sport that combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It’s played on a badminton-size court with a modified tennis net, using a plastic ball with holes.

And it can be played indoors or outdoors.

“We see this as a ‘rallying point’ to promote the sport throughout the U.S. on the local level,” USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) Executive Director Justin Maloof says. “The USAPA has built up a nationwide network of 1,700 dedicated ‘Pickleball Ambassadors,’ and designating April as National Pickleball Month will help them to further get the word out about all the great benefits pickleball can provide not just to individuals of all ages, but also to communities.”

The “national month” designation hopes to boost more interest in the sport. In 2017, the USAPA says more than 2.8 million players were participating, making it among one of the fastest growing sports.

“Pickleball is just exploding with players and interest,” Maloof added. “Creating National Pickleball Month for the month of April will help us to promote the sport nationwide to people of all ages, and help to get Americans moving, active and enjoying this fun sport.”

Want to get in on the fun? Visit the USAPA website here for information on how to get into the game.

Here’s a look at how the sport has taken off in the Bakersfield area:


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