In a Pickle – Pickleball vs Basketball

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Pickleball on the rise it’s been nearly five years since a popular recreational activity has been removed from a local park in Lycoming County.

    Now It has made its way back to the area, but this time there is some controversy Eyewitness News Reporter Morgan Parrish has our story.

   “It’s ferocious, it’s stop-start, you burn a lot of calories and you get to laugh a lot so I thought this is at my age better than tennis”

Dana Cioffi is talking about pickleball. It’s one of the fastest growing activities in the nation. The USA Pickleball Association even announced that April will be dedicated to national Pickleball Month. 

For some players, they’re thankful to have this court in Williamsport to play on.

  “I was playing more here than I was in Los Angeles where I was only playing twice a week so my game I was here last summer. My game got almost professional from playing here so often,” 

But…not everyone feels passionate about the sport. Local basketball players were upset when their hoops were taken down in order to create room for this new sport on the rise. 

  “I was upset like first of all. I don’t know anything about pickleball and no one I knew around here knew anything about pickleball so it’s kind of a slap in the face,” Said Darrel Carter of Williamsport.

  Robert Sanders, from  Williamsport, noted  “I felt like it was a spiteful thing. I’ve never seen anybody play pickleball maybe once in the past couple of years but nobody plays pickleball.”

 Within the last month the basketball hoops were reinstalled and now overlapping where pickleball is played. 

The community is offering up solutions to the dilemma. 

  “I think they can do a deal where they play basketball these hours and pickleball the other” Said Cioffi.

  “We need to get rid of all of the pickleball courts and put more basketball courts up. It’s just going to create a bunch of conflicts anyway. You have a lot of kids that like playing basketball and you have older people that like to play pickleball,” Said Carter.

 Others say maybe combine a new sport….just not here at the memorial park.

   “I mean if they had enough time to go somewhere they could probably do in it a more logical place,” Noted Sanders.

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