Pickleball Channel to Live Stream the US Open Pickleball Championships on YouTube

Get Pumped for Live Action from the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships

In the race to become the premiere pickleball tournament in the world, the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships is doing its best to be number one, with 50 permanent pickleball courts, $50,000 in prize money, and a championship court that gives even the most veteran pickleball player chills to step onto.  With sponsors like Margaritaville and Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix it’s no surprise that The US Open is branding itself as the “Biggest Party in Pickleball”.

For those lucky enough to be apart of the party in Naples Florida, they will have the opportunity to watch the pros of pickleball do what they do best… Play Pickleball.  If you don’t happen to be one of those lucky enough to be there in person, don’t fret because the Pickleball Channel has got you covered. Mark your calendars for April 28th – May 3rd because we will be streaming the featured matches from the US Open championship court live on Facebook.

So if you want to be apart of the action, subscribe to the Pickleball Channel and friend us on Facebook to be updated on the streaming schedule.  Rusty and special guest commentators will be bringing the world the best games pickleball has to offer and you can be apart of the action through Facebook chat.

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