Tres Palapas Baja Pickleball Resort

“It’s the fastest growing sport in the world!” I’ve heard this claim from numerous new, and longtime enthusiasts of the sport of pickleball. Whether or not that stat is true, it seems to be growing in the Los Barriles area where a number of new courts, including the Tres Palapas Pickleball Resort, have sprung up in recent years.

About Tres Palapas


VIDEOVoted 2018 “Newest Baja Hotspot Must See” “hotspot”! Tres Palapas is the most random and newest architectural oasis dedicated to America’s new “it” sport pickleball.

Groundbreaking and a global first, Tres Palapas is an economically sustainable tourism wish-list wonder and “pickleball” mecca. With running shoes and a smile, the small ball known as a whiffle ball is affordably bringing joy everywhere it goes (paddle rentals $2, day rate $10, Be Happy 3 – 9 $5).

Mornings begin daily with fresh brew cappuccinos, espressos, specialty smoothies and treats. El GORDO Diego is open breakfast through the daytime and by reservation gourmet and fresh grill. Days wind down from above and the sunset at KAHLO celebrating art, passion, history, colour and culture into brightly lit starry nights from the rooftop.

Our safe and welcoming community which is open to the public 8:00am to 9pm under the lights. First time players of any sport through to world-class “top” of the sport arrive regularly though our gates. The always social “Be Happy” pickleball and Happy Hour for $5 after 3 pm is NOW daily to night-play! Tres Palapas is an affordable and safe top bucket list pickleball mecca. Welcome to all, new, young, old, seasoned, serious, social, to pickle and enjoy the most amazing Sea of Cortez pickleball adventure.

Tres Palapas is located on the Coast Road (Agua de la Costa) in the warm and loving Mexican traditional farm town of Los Barriles just north of the Cabo San Lucas International Airport. Home to approximately 10,000 winter expat residents, there is irony that the rising of an oasis should appear in the town known as “barrels” and the place of good and plentiful water.

This beautiful seaside town is known to be a general safe location to live with so much to offer one can’t begin to describe! Medical services in Los Barriles are good and accessible. The San Jose del Cabo H+ hospital is very modern and well equipped for emergency and modern tourism medicine. Mexico is still a very much a cash based society and while US currency is accepted the main currency and form of payment is the peso.

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