Learn Proper Pickleball Technique to Prevent Injuries

Proper Pickleball Technique

Proper pickleball technique can help prevent injuries.

(Newswire.net — April 15, 2019) Bend, OR –During the month of April, we recognize the latest paddle sport craze winning the hearts of both the young and more mature age groups. Designed intentionally as a family friendly sport, pickleball’s main appeal may be its ability to attract a variety of age groups anywhere from the school yard to the retirement community. 

Pickleball is played on a hard court surface the same size as a badminton court. It is the court’s smaller size that allows players with varying degrees of mobility and skill to participate, as opposed to tennis which is played on a much larger court. With a racket resembling a ping pong paddle and a durable whiffle-type ball, pickleball gear takes on a style of its own with a number of paddle and ball options to choose from. Choosing the correct gear, including proper court shoes is the first step to avoiding common pickleball injuries, followed by learning proper technique. 

Whether you have been playing pickleball for years or have recently taken an interested in the sport, one should always begin with learning proper technique. Forming correct habits in the beginning will only save your body in the long run and keep you on the court competing with your fellow picklers. 

Proper pickleball technique for general injury prevention:

  • Make sure that when you are hitting each ball you are putting the ball in a proper strike zone so that your body is balanced. 
  • When you are hitting, you never want to be reaching too far backwards or too far forwards, which may put you off balance. 
  • To avoid placing too much stress on your elbow and shoulder, use your entire body to hit, not just your arm. 

When first learning the basics of pickleball, it helps to take a lesson or a clinic so that you can practice proper technique, including balanced footwork, placing the ball in your proper strike zone, and positioning your paddle correctly. Perfecting your pickleball technique will help you avoid common injuries, such as ankle sprains, achilles tendonitis, hamstring or quadriceps muscle strain, shoulder impingement, and wrist fractures. While some of these injuries are more serious than others, all of them will cause you pain and discomfort and can be avoided when proper technique is practiced.   

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