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DESTRUCTION AT THE PARK – Connersville, Indiana


Pickleball and tennis events at Roberts Park are postponed for an indefinite time after someone drove through the playing courts early Thursday.

It appears a vehicle came southbound on Beeson Avenue and ran through a stop sign on East 30th Street, into the park, and then through the tennis and pickleball courts, according to Connersville Police Sgt. Dean Rowland, who investigated.

Parks Department employee Steve Duncil said a park security camera caught the vehicle at 1:05 a.m. Rowland said nothing could be seen from a security camera on a business north of 30th Street.

Pieces of the vehicle were left behind as it hit the outside fence, the post holding the pickleball court divider fence and the south outside fence. It then went through the north tennis court outside fence, spinning around and exiting the court over the wire fencing.

One part has “Honda” engraved into the plastic, Rowland said.

Duncil said a fencing company inspected the damage and believes it could cost as much as $20,000 to replace the fences and repair damage to the pickleball court.

Duncil said Thursday he did not notice the damage when he come to work early. Another employee went to open the restroom building and noticed the tennis court damage.

A unknown southbound driver on Beeson Avenue failed to stop at East 30th Street early Thursday morning and came through the pickleball court at Roberts Park and the tennis court immediately south, tearing down fences along the way.

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