Jillian Michaels Won’t Back Down in Pickleball

Don’t ask Jillian Michaels to throw a game of pickleball, because it won’t happen.

In this hilarious clip from a 2016 episode of Just Jillian, Jillian and Heidi Rhoades are playing pickleball with Heidi’s elderly parents.

While one might think Jillian would go easy on the couple, that just isn’t the case.

“You’re the most competitive person ever,” Heidi tells Jillian. “But remember it’s supposed to be fun, it’s for my parents, it’s not for you to win.”

Jillian then tells Heidi, “It would be an earth-shattering brand-crusher to lose… what did you call them? Septuagenarians? Yeah no, oh no.”

When Jillian and Heidi are on the court with Heidi’s parents it’s clear that Jillian isn’t going to go easy on them.

After Heidi’s parents tell Jillian her ball was “out” Jillian has a mini meltdown. Then when Heidi messes up, Jillian tells her to “focus.”

“Honey, it’s supposed to be fun,” Heidi tells Jillian. “They’re 70 and 76 just give them a break.”

“I’m not gonna throw a game,” Jillian says.

“Honey look how old they are,” Heidi replies.

“You’re not gonna even try, then I don’t want to play with you,” Jillian tells Heidi.

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