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Busy meeting serves up volley of emotions, in Boothbay, Maine

Posted:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019 – 4:30pm
Selectman Mike Tomko, left, is now chair of the board. Tricia Warren, right, is vice chair. From left, newest member Ken Fitch, Wendy Wolf and Denise Griffin. JOSEPH CHARPENTIER/Boothbay Register

Selectmen welcomed newcomer Ken Fitch to the board and elected a new chair, Mike Tomko, and vice chair, Tricia Warren, May 13. The board also fielded a letter signed by 56 pickleball athletes urging it to reconsider lining the Emery Lane basketball court with two pickleball courts instead of one.

Resident Merritt Blakeslee spoke for the athletes. Several were in attendance. The request includes offsetting extra costs estimated to be about $300, honoring any signage designating preference to basketball players on the basketball court, and lining the two courts instead of one. Blakeslee reminded selectmen two courts were part of the plan at one point.

Town Manager Tom Woodin said there have been a few changes since this process started three years ago, namely the size of the court first planned as a National Basketball Association full-sized court on 104′ x 65′; current plans have downsized the court to high school dimensions of 84′ x 50′.

“We’ve also said, ‛Let’s give it some time and see how the usage goes,’” said Woodin. “I don’t see what the harm is in holding off a year.”

Several pickleball players spoke on a need for a third court. With the board voting 1-4 against changing current line-placing plans, Tomko offered the only vote in support.

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