Letter to the Editor: More Pickleball courts needed in Punta Gorda, Florida

May 20, 2019


As a resident of the Punta Gorda Historic district and member of the PicklePlex board, I would like to correct a statement in the May 16 letter, “Move pickleball out of the park.”

The PicklePlex board is no more a representative of the pickleball community than any one resident is the representative of the entire Historic District. The city has decided to construct the acoustical fence to relieve those residents along West Retta most affected by the sound. The folks who walk the Harbor Walk often stop to watch the players, ask questions about the game and some even try playing.

Gilchrist is a model public park, offering different forms of recreation for a variety of people. The PicklePlex was never meant to replace the courts at Gilchrist Park but instead to provide the additional courts needed for the growing number of players.

Tournaments, camps and clinics will take place at PicklePlex to pay the bills and therefore, won’t always be available for the many pickleball enthusiasts in the area. June will bring the start of the Summer Youth Camp, as well as a tournament at the PicklePlex.

Please understand that the PicklePlex will provide more courts for play, but additional courts are still needed.

Sue Carman

Punta Gorda

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