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Huge Turnout For Hillsboro, Illinois, Pickleball Tourney

With teammate Megan Kindernay looking on, Jamie Murray returns a shot during play in the women’s 3.0 division at the MoCo Summer Classic Pickleball Tournament in Hillsboro on June 8.

The MoCo Pickleball Club hosted the 2019 MoCo Summer Classic Pickleball Tournament June 8-9 at the Hillsboro Sports Complex. Tournament directors were Will Adkins and Kayla Crawford.

Seventy-two players from six different states gathered to compete, tripling the number of players in last year’s tournament. Of the 72 competitors, ten belong to the MoCo Club.

Tournament sponsors included Selkirk Sport (raffle items and banners), (swag bags and balls), Pickleball Rocks (first server bands), LMD Solar (tape and supplies), Webb Insurance (medals) and 100% Pickled (raffles).

The weekend kicked off with a clinic hosted by Kat Smalley, an IPTPA level II Certified Instructor and Illinois’s first and only 5.0 rated female player. Participants learned fundamentals in dinking, strategy and communication.

Seven pickleball courts were taped and set up on top of the tennis courts. All brackets were run in the round robin format with the top four teams moving on to playoffs.

After a quick rain delay to start the day on Saturday, the men’s and women’s doubles events began play. Early afternoon brought another short shower, but courts where quickly dried and play resumed.

Saturday brackets included men’s doubles at the 4.5 and 3.5/4.0 (combined) levels. Women’s doubles included 4.5, 3.5 and 3.0 levels. The most exciting part about the women’s event was that last year’s tournament had no women’s teams. This year, it was the biggest division at the tournament.

Sunday’s weather was much less windy, making for better play for mixed doubles, although there was a short rain delay during the final event medal matches of the day. Skill levels ranged from 3.5 to 4.0 to 4.5 in mixed.

Between donations, raffles, and registration fees, about $2,000 was raised for the MoCo Pickleball Club. The primary project the club is working on is the court renovations at Hillsboro Central Park. Hopefully, next year’s tournament will be held on those new courts.

 MoCo Summer Classic

Pickleball Tournament

at Hillsboro Sports Complex

June 8 Medalists

Men’s 4.5 Division

Gold: James Tapley – John Readinger

Silver: Dylan Helton – The Wildebeast Wildin

Bronze: Steven Burgess – Brant Mangrum

Men’s 3.5/4.0 Division

Gold: Terry Waggoner – Tom Lockman

Silver: Todd Arseneaux – Bt Moore

Bronze: Paul Carlton – Rick Simms

Women’s 4.5 Division

Gold: Julie Edmonds – Tara Mata

Silver: Kayla Crawford – Marcie Fosdick

Bronze: Brittany Hammond – Danelle Readinger

Women’s 3.5 Division

Gold: Cindy Ostrander – Lisa McDonald

Silver: Diane Burge – Jamie Burge

Bronze: Joni Simms – Janet Hirst

Women’s 3.0 Division

Gold: LaDonna Waggoner – Becky McKinley

Silver: Megan Kindernay – Jamie Murray

June 9 Medalists

Mixed 4.5 Division

Gold: Brittany Hammond – James Tapley

Silver: Danelle Readinger – John Readinger

Bronze: Tara Mata – Dylan Helton

Mixed 4.0 Division

Gold: Marcie Fosdick – Butch Fosdick

Silver: Gena Burgess – Brant Mangrum

Bronze: Susie Hoffman – Cobra Green

Mixed 3.5 Division

Gold: Janet Hirst – Paul Carlton

Silver: Kathy Reimer – Tim Hickmann

Bronze: Cindy Ostrander – Bob Biarkis


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