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Video – Grand Rapids, Michigan: Pickleball – fastest growing sport in the country

eightWest takes on Pickleball – fastest growing sport in the country

by: eightWest staff – Jun 28, 2019

Some say it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the country, Pickleball! You’ve probably heard of it, because of its catchy name, and chances are you probably know someone who plays it. It’s fun and it really appeals to people of all ages and skill levels!

West Michigan has a fantastic Pickleball community, with more courts are popping up in places you typically find tennis courts. Rachael recently met up with some folks from the Grand Rapids Pickleball Club to learn about the game.

Beer City Open

  • Grand Rapids Pickleball Club
  • July 11-14
  • Belknap Park, Grand Rapids

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