Reader letter: Seniors enthusiastically embracing pickleball – Kingsville, Ontario

Reader Letters – August 17, 2019

A player prepares to serve the ball during a game of pickleball. Jason Kryk / Windsor Star


Pickleball is good for mind, body and soul

The Kingsville Pickleball Club would like to send hearty congratulations to the Town of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh Pickleball Club on the commitment of your new pickleball facility. Your municipality has recognized the need to support this senior-friendly sport and rose to the occasion.

The number of pickleball players across North America has increased more than 650 per cent over the last six years. The Kingsville club can attest to this fact. Established in 2013 with only four players, and incorporated in 2018, we now boast almost 70 players. This does not include the walk-in day players.

At present we share four courts with the Kingsville Tennis Club. This arrangement is fast becoming inadequate as we are limited to only three mornings of play officially. Some mornings close to 40 players may show up resulting in long wait times between games.

We are presently working with the Town of Kingsville to resolve this issue in hopes of having our own dedicated courts. Once we receive a written agreement from the town we can begin fundraising in earnest. We believe, along with financial pledges from members, that this goal is very attainable. Sponsorship is also a possibility.

The influx of seniors to this lakeside town is increasing daily. Hundreds of senior-friendly residences are slated for construction. These seniors are embracing this very addictive sport wholeheartedly. We welcome new members to share our enthusiasm.

Come join us Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning.

Irene Myers, fundraising chairperson, Kingsville Pickleball Club



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