Carpe Diem: Pickleball

Carpe Diem: Pickleball

VIDEO: KFOX-TV – Carpe Diem Pickleball

Pickleball is a growing sport in El Paso and across the nation.It’s a sport that has been around for 50 years since it’s inception in Washington State in 1965.

The sport combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong on a playing field that looks like a miniature tennis court.

It is played by two to four players using paddles about the size of racquetball paddles — and a wiffle ball.

Ben Avalos and Marcelo Morales of El Paso have been instrumental in growing this sport in El Paso.

As a result of their efforts, El Paso’s parks and rec centers now offer pickleball courts … and you can find courts in Sunland Park, as well..

For this segment of Carpe Diem, we caught up with Avalos teaching about 100 physical education teachers gathered at Del Valle High School to learn how this sport works and how to teach it.

Baby boomers are especially sweet on pickleball and there are more than six million active participants of this sport.., and El Pasoans are hoping it’s a sport that students in public schools will embrace.

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