Amazing Ways To Improve Your Pickleball Technique, by Reyad Mostofa

Amazing Ways To Improve Your Pickleball Technique

Reyad Mostofa Reyad Mostofa – Sep 3

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Pickleball is an interesting game for new and old players both. As this game works with strategy and has space of improvement, players work with different new shots. When I play this pickleball, I try different crazy stuff. When you are learning, then go easy with the game. Here I will share the basic strokes and shots of the popular game pickleball.

Is there any correct technique to play pickleball?

The answer to this question is no. anyone can play this game on a court with a paddle and the ball. Yes, if you have two experienced players on the court, then the game is on. When you are playing the game just keep in mind that –

• Enjoy

• Learn more and teach

• Have respect for all and yourself

• Be positive and follow all the rules and regulation.

The game can be played in singles and doubles strategy. In summary, I have tried to explain both strategies.

1. Strategy for single players:

As a single-player, there will be no pressure on you about the opponent or your partner as you are the sole player. But you will be in pressure to perform well. The areas you have to work are:

• Hitting:

This game is all about hitting. You have to show your skill in hitting the ball. The game starts by hitting with strong and deep serve in the court. The other hits are directional to fool your opponent by keeping your energy level high. Pick a spin paddle that allows moving the ball with a hard return.

• Serving:

There is a simple but effective technique while serving pickleball. You have to stay in the centerline while serving; it helps to give a strong return in a better position. For this technique, you will not have to go back and forth to hit and return the ball.

• Ball return:

When you are playing single, aim your pickleball hit to the corner. This aim will keep your opponent run on their feet. When you are playing double, the aim will be changed.

• Position on the court:

Staying in position makes the pickleball game interesting. When you are in the center, the shot can be delivered in any position and way.

• Your winning skill:

When you have adopted all the techniques like a hit, serve, return and position of the pickleball then you have to work with strategies and skills to win the game. Your feet should stay light, observing the weakness of the opponent and play with the defensive and offensive mind.

2. Strategies for double players:

Playing pickleball with doubles is fun. You will not realize when the simple game will turn into a competitive match. The areas you will have to work:

• Hitting:

Pickleball game is all about a proper hitting. Start the game by getting the ball in a deep in the court, before that observe the opponent team. If the hit comes weak by them, then hit hard and win the game.

• Return:

Motion ball helps the return hit strategy quick. If the return ball stays in the center, the other team has to move a lot to hit the ball.

• Third shot:

This shot is the secret recipe when the game is on. There are different shots that players can use like side drop shot, down the line, a lob, a dink, etc.

The accurate hitting techniques:

As I said before, the hitting technique is important in pickleball game. The popular techniques are:

• You have to keep your shoulder in point. When the ball is in target, point the shoulder on the backhand side.

• Before the ball comes on the net, aim the paddle motionless. Stay alert for every shot.

• For the low balls, bend your knee. Don’t drop the paddle below.

• When the opponent shot an overhead shot, keep your chin up.

• Keep your wrist firm while playing. For all shots, keep an angel with the wrist.

• When the ball coming from the opponent, stay ready with position and balance of shoulder and feet. Use your sense about the ball direction.

• Make sound while hitting the ball. It gives extra power, and you will not make a common mistake.

Playing offensive pickleball:

When you are playing with opponents with a partner, check out the strength and weak point of the opponents.

Pick the steadier one among you two and play with the ball from the middle. Make your opponent uneasy.

Don’t use a low percentage in the angle shots and over hit the ball. Just try to overpower the opponents. Wait for the right time to shot with a high percentage angle and shot in the backhand.

Deliver consistent and accurate shots. If you find out the opponent steadier, then play aggressive.

The common pickleball mistakes

Do you know what is frustrating for an athlete? It is the simple mistakes that they do without knowing the causes. You will notice that all players play the game with focus and dedication, but for some unknown mistakes, talented players lost the game. Here are the common mistakes that players do:

• In court, there are two main places to stand. While playing make sure to stand on these lines or else you will be in no man’s land. And that land will not allow you to win.

• Let your opponent do mistake. Hitting to the forehand is a common practice, instead hit to their backhand.

• Avoid scooting while serving the ball.

• Spin shots are not done with fancy shots. You have to use this shot at the right time.

Tips for playing pickleball like a champion:

Pickleball is a combination game of tennis and table tennis. You will see the paddle resembles with the table tennis. And the net is the same as you will see on the tennis and badminton court. To play the game with perfection, do follow the below tips:

• Practice the game before going to a match. Practice makes a sportsperson a better player.

• Always serve the ball from the middle. It will make your opponent confused.

• When you are playing with a partner, always stand in the middle. This saves time and effort.

• Be advanced or novice player; you have to learn to understand the ball. In this game, the spin ball works a lot.

• Learn the strategy about where the ball is going. The opponents will try to misguide, but if you know the strategy, then you will know the direction and hit the ball.

• Avoid slamming the ball with force. A well-placed volley or a soft drink is the best shot for this game.

• If you want to go with dinking, then learn to be patient. Patience will help you to look for a winning shot.

• Don’t hit away from the sidelines. It is an old trick.

• Dink is the shot that clears the net. Learn this shot well.

• When you are playing pickleball, assume that you are playing tennis. The shots are the same though there are differences in the serving.

• Keep the paddle up of the net. This will help to hit the fastballs that are coming.

• When you see the opponent is taking the paddle way back, be ready in position to hit the ball hard.

• There are different ready positions players take. Pick the one that will work for you.

• Keep your grip loose while playing.

• Learn all terms of the pickleball. The languages are:

1. Carry means when the ball is traveling from the paddle face.

2. Crosscourt means resting diagonally from the opposite of the net.

3. Dead ball means you have made a fault in the game

4. Dink ball means the shot is landing on the non-volley zone

5. Double bounce means the ball has bounced two times.

6. Drop shot means the groundstroke shot fallen in the opponent position.

7. Half volley means the groundstroke shot has connected the paddle and ball.

8. Hinder means the gameplay has stopped for some reason.

9. Lob means making the opponent back up to the baseline.

Why pickleball is popular:

• Pickleball is a popular game for any age sportspersons. Because the rules are very similar to tennis, badminton and ping pong. Anyone can learn this sport as it offers different entertainment.

• The court is a small one so a family time can be spent well. You can tell this game is a fun workout.

• If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle by making exercise, play pickleball. Your mind and body will have a great exercise. You will learn to work on balance, reflexes, hand-eye coordination and agility. Your body will not have strains, and you will enjoy the play.

When you are playing pickleball, think of playing with the ball. The experienced players have their ways to play. Work with the pickleball hitting techniques; you can outsmart your opponent with them. Just use your strength and skills to exploit the weakness of your opponent and play with the ball until you win the game.


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