Reduce Pickleball Errors by Avoiding Error Snowballs – The Short Return Snowball – In2Pickle

If you want to reduce errors in your pickleball game you first have to know where the error occurred. Oftentimes, players attribute a lost pickleball point to the latest step in the chain of events (paddle ready is the most common response to a lost point). That conclusion misses an earlier error that snowballed into the lost point. In this pickleball point breakdown we look at the effects of a short pickleball return and the cascade of events that start with that shot and end up in the pickleball return team losing the point. Nothing in this video is intended as a criticism of any of the players. We thank them for their effort; effort that allowed the rest of us to improve our games.

This is part of our pickleball fundamentals video series for Project 4.0. Pickleball improvement – Movement as the Serve Team.

Tony In2Pickle Player Development

Thanks to Coyote Hearing Studio for the music used in this video. Music used with permission from YouTube Audio Library.

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