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Pickleball tournament in Rockport raises funds to fight hunger in Maine

Owen KingsleySun 4:10 PM, Nov 24, 2019

ROCKPORT, Maine (WABI) – The Mid-Coast Recreation Center in Rockland hosted their first ever Pickleball Scramble on Sunday.

Pickleball, which is played on a tennis court, is simply a smaller version of the sport with similar rules.

All the money raised from the registration fees for the tournament is going to help the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

“Were in this really to make the community aware of the need okay. So raising the awareness of the need to address world hunger has been a big part of what we do,” said Bruce Meyer, the event’s organizer.

“Well it’s just a great cause serving to end world hunger. Pickleball is a really community based sport. So we love doing whatever we can to help out the community,” said Patti Montana of Union.

“It’s really important to take care of people so this is a great thing, that they’re doing,” said Sue Wootton of Rockport.

To learn more about Pickleball or to have a chance to play, you can contact Mid-Coast Recreation Center at

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