Don’t Lose the [Pickleball] Point – In2Pickle / Tony Roig [Video]

To play pickleball well, you need to understand and use the advantages that the rules of play give you. The biggest advantage in pickleball is given to the return team at the beginning on the point – because the return team can take the NVZ line (kitchen line or net) before the serve team can even begin to move forward. If you do not come in after the return you may end up forfeiting that advantage and, worse yet, you are doing so to the team that can score points. That is a disastrous way to play pickleball. In this video we go over the reasons why you want to move up to the no volley zone (kitchen) immediately after returning serve. We also show you a drill to help you fix this error in your game.
Good luck out there Tony
Thanks to Coyote Hearing Studio for the music used in this video. Music used with permission from YouTube Audio Library.

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