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[Body Road X Junior] When it comes to racket sports, I believe that everyone will think of badminton, table tennis, tennis and other popular items, but there is actually a racket sports that combines the gameplay, skills and rules of the above three sports . This issue of SportsroadJunior introduces you to this more than 50-year-old sport-Pickleball.

Pick ball was invented in the summer of 1965 by former deputy governor Joel Pritchard of Washington. At that time, because his family was bored, some people proposed playing badminton, but no ball was available. Joel suddenly thought of it and picked up the Wiffle Ball and lowered the badminton ball. Nets, self-made rackets, the prototype of the pick ball was born. With the development over the years, Pickball has continuously improved its playing style and rules, and finally it has become one of today’s classroom activities in many American physical education classes.

“Old man tennis” is as exciting

Ye Wenxi, who brought the pick ball to Hong Kong in one hand, originally specialized in water sports such as dragon boats and canoes. Later, he wanted to “return” to land and play indoor sports. So he knew pick balls in the online world. He even made a special flight to develop earlier than Hong Kong. Pick the ball for Taiwan, learn and bring the sport back to Hong Kong. Ye Wenxi pointed out that this sport is similar to tennis, but with relatively low physical fitness requirements, so it is also called “elderly tennis”: “Pickball is played similarly to tennis, but the field is greatly reduced to playing on the badminton court. “It is also less flexible than tennis, so the need for physical fitness is relatively low, but the stimulus has not diminished, so it is easier to accept the sport, especially for girls.”

Not only girls, but even the disabled can participate in it. Zhong Baoquan, who has to travel in a wheelchair, loves to play tennis and table tennis. He introduced a friend to pick a ball that combines tennis, badminton, and table tennis. on. The most special thing about Peakball is that it allows “All Brother” and healthy people to participate in the same field: “Compared to other sports, Peakball is one of the few sports that allows disabled and healthy people to cooperate. There must be a better understanding between the two. Reaching health and well-being. ”

Great Bay Area Invitational Hong Kong Team Harvest Harvest Nurturing Young Players

The Hong Kong Peakball Federation was established in 2017 and was recognized as a member of the Peakball International Federation in August last year. It is second only to India as the “Second Asia”. Hong Kong Peakball Youth Ambassador Ye Wenxi said: “Recognized by the International Federation It can effectively strengthen Hong Kong’s promotion of pick-ball sports, help to negotiate and cooperate with different community organizations and schools, and the first formal pick-up court in Hong Kong was also born in a middle school. ” “District Pickball Invitational Tournament” scored 8 gold, 11 silver and 8 bronze. Ye Wenxi pointed out that Pickball is still in its infancy in Hong Kong. Compared with the results, he believes that training young players is more important.

Ye Wenxi was once invited by the official association of the United States, the birthplace of Peakball, to communicate there and experience the “world’s strongest” strength. Speaking of the anecdote of his trip to the United States, he said, “I was playing at the time, and I worked hard to find three 70-year-old players who had a chance to win. I was defeated 0:11,” he said. The friendly match further proves that Peakball is an open-ended sport, and experience is more important than physical fitness.

After this journey, Ye Wenxi deeply realized the power gap between Asia and Europe and the United States, so he joined forces with Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and other Asian Pickball participating regions to plan to hold an Asian tournament in 2020, and exchange China will improve the overall strength of Asia, and then catch up with Europe and the United States step by step.

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