Could Pickleball be bad for your health?

Punta Gorda Historic District homeowners are urging the City Council to prioritize the health of neighbors over the game. Neighbors that live near the pickleball courts in Punta Gorda have talked about their anxiety and stress, due to the noise. Now, Punta Gorda Historic District homeowners are urging the City Council to

Where to Look for Medical Info

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Kory Kelly’s amazing journey through PTSD and back out into the world with some help from Pickleball and friends

From Fallon Pickleball Club,, and San Marcos Island's Coastal Breeze News: Whether you have been playing one day or one year or fifty one years, pickleball has likely enhanced your life in many ways. Kory and Lynne Kelly A recent podcast on Pickleball Kitchen showcases Kory Kelly's amazing journey through PTSD and

SurfKY Commentary, by Randy Franklin, of Franklin Financial: Pickleball In Retirement – Staying Active In Retirement

KENTUCKY (1/18/19) — The following column is provided by Franklin Financial’s Weekly Market Commentary: Over the last couple of years doctors have made clear the benefits of regular physical activity, especially for older adults. In fact, adults 65 and older gain substantial health benefits from regular physical activity.1 Being physically active

Hoping for a Miracle

LIHUE — Curtis Allen was an avid outdoorsman. He loved to play pickleball with friends on the North Shore. Every week he drove down to Rob’s Good Time Grill to go swing dancing. He is a fine carpenter by trade and spent his life working with his hands. Then he broke

Morbidly obese and suicidal a year ago, Julie Nidiffer started playing pickleball — and dropped nearly 100 pounds (and her darkest thoughts) in 12 months

[From The Tennessean:]. Hey, Julie Nidiffer shouted over to her husband, Jerry, in their Bellevue home a year ago, maybe we should start playing pickleball. They say old people can play it, so maybe fat people can, too.  “Pickle what?” he said. The two laughed at the name. But it was a serious idea, one