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Among Mark Renneson's many contributions to pickleball - coaching, clinics, videos, and much more - here are links to a collection of his articles at In the Booth Mark Renneson November 18, 2019 Why Players Don't Come to the Net - and How to Help Them Mark Renneson September 26, 2019 Taking a

2 Step Dinking Strategy to Set Up Your Attack & Win the Point Fast! – Jordan Brave Briones – [Video]

Is an unattackable dink good enough? Nope! Because you can't win with unattackable dinks alone. Here's what to do instead.... ► FREE 3rd Shot Drop Course: to us on YouTube: to get more free basic, intermediate, and advanced tips that are sure to help you level up

Why the Way You Hold Your Paddle Can Strengthen Play – – by Laura [Videos]

Drilling skills, working on placement and learning new strategies are all necessary steps towards becoming a better player, but there’s a simple yet often overlooked factor that also comes into play: grip.How a player holds their paddle affects how quickly they can respond to volleys and makes it easier or

Pickleball Getaways: June 29-July 8, 2020 – Portugal! Getaways - June 29-July 8, 2020 - Portugal!Portugal - June 29-July 8, 2020Play pickleball every day in Portugal with 15+ hours of instruction from world #1, Ben Johns, Corrine Carr (multi-time Pro US Open and National Champion), and Joey Farias (full time playing and teaching pro, multi-time Pro US

Advanced Dinking Strategy To Dominate Your Opponents – Jordan Brave Briones – PrimeTime Pickleball [VIDEO]

PrimeTime PickleballWant to learn how to do damage with your dink game? Here's a great way to apply significant pressure to your opponents that will lead to winning more points quickly... ► FREE 3rd Shot Drop Course: SUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube: Visit to get more free basic, intermediate, and

Pickleball continues to explode as a sport in Lakewood Ranch – Naples, Florida Side of Ranch: Jay Heater by: Jay Heater Managing EditorIt was just after noon, and pickleball instructor Jay Jaudon was standing in the middle of eight empty pickleball courts in a facility adjacent to The Lodge at Country Club East.If you have been following the rapid rise of pickleball, you understand that having