Finding a good instructor

Thanks to the Internet and social media you can find dozens of nearly anything you want. However, finding something you need of good quality is a different story. We recently sent back three different garden pagodas before we got one we could live with. (We give thanks daily for liberal

Aitkin, Minnesota: Aitkin Native John Newstrom Publishes “One Minute Pickleball”

by Walt Sauerbrei - John Newstrom recently published his newest book and the 50th book of his career. The book, published under the author pseudonym of “J. Mortswen” is titled One Minute Pickleball and sold nationally through (search for “pickleball books”). “I always thought it would be fun to adopt a pseudonym (pen name)

Why do you Dink?

Sarah Ansboury writes, "When I ask students why they dink, they often look confused. They might say, “To slow down the game” or “I’m waiting for my opponent to make a mistake and hit it into the net.” Often time, they voice it as if their response is a question…with