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    What are the axioms of Pickleball?
    What words of wisdom or solace do you impart, after a win…a loss…to a friend and partner…to an opponent…to a newbie…or a pro?
    What phrases capture and set free the essence of the game, for you?
    Please share here. My goal is to create the best recreational Pickleball shirt ever, and the first one to submit each included phrase included will get one from me free!


    PS:  Some of my favorites are:

    “Yours!” [declared after I miss]

    ”I’ve got it!” [always cried out before I miss]

    ”Five is respectable.” [announcement after a loss]

    “I’m rooting for the other side.” [said to my partner, after I flub a shot]

    ”The easiest are the hardest.” [same]




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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