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    Requesting input…
    A local municipality has recently allowed for striping of two of their tennis courts, in a local park, with four pickleball courts. We expressed a desire to set up Pickleball specific times, several times each week. The city has been advised by a consultant that they should consider a facility rental fee for these requested slots.
    In our area, there are multiple clubs, organizing open and skill group play at various city and community parks, similar to the park I’m referring to, and generally, only indoor facilities charge a reservation fee.
    It seems to me, that if they implement the fee/reservation system, it will kill the chance to create additional open play, community building Pickleball opportunities.
    What’s happening in your area? Have you seen this scenario work at a city park type location? Have you set up an ongoing open play group and had to reserve and pay a fee in advance? It doesn’t seen viable to me, but maybe I’m myopic.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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