Pickleball for Parkinson’s: From Passion to Progress

No two Team Fox fundraisers look the same. That’s because they stem from the unique ideas and interests of the dedicated individuals and teams behind them. For example, while the only obvious link between pickleball and Parkinson’s might be the alliteration, Team Fox member Lesly Wagner has used the sport to raise more than $42,000 for Parkinson’s research.The inspiration came from Lesly’s friend Wendy, a former Division I college tennis player who was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease

Pickleball players in Ridgefield, Connecticut, protest loss of Sunday night game

Ridgefield’s ardent pickleballers and the Parks and Recreation Commission are again trying to work things out.A weekly Sunday night pickleball game was canceled earlier in the summer, bringing a delegation of pickleballers to meet with Parks and Recreation Commission officials on Wednesday, Aug. 7.“They raise our rates, then they cancel

Pickleballers propose player punch cards in morning pow-wow with Ridgefield, CT, Parks and Rec

Pickleball punch cards have been proposed by players. Are they the solution to the Parks and Recreation Commission’s woes?The PO-ed pickleballers — price-oppressed pickleballers, that is — won a seeming concession from Parks and Recreation officials, but pressed their case with a counter offer.What the pickleballers have been battling is