Belleview, Iowa, pickleball players relish increased access to sport

BY JOHN KRUSE When it comes to racket- based sports, a competition with a name evocative of pungent, briny cucumbers has become all the rage locally. Throughout the tri-states, interest is surging in pickleball. More players are heading to courts to play the condensed, more-relaxed version of tennis, while municipal leaders

West Des Moines’ Smash Park holds record for world’s largest pickleball paddle

CLOSE   Smash Park combines food, beer and backyard fun in West Des Moines Zachary Boyden-Holmes, DesMoines Smash Park is now home to the world's largest pickleball paddle. The West Des Moines-based entertainment venue officially certified its massive 150-pound paddle with the Guinness World Records. "Big Blue" is 10 times larger than a traditional pickleball