Kansas City, Kansas: In Focus: Northland restaurant proving Pickleball is for everyone – and raising money for charity

Jul 8, 2019 - In Focus: Northland restaurant proving pickleball is for everyone - VIDEO There’s a Northland restaurant that combines good food with a fun sport. KMBC 9’s Katie Horner is focusing on Chicken N Pickle, located at 1761 Burlington St. in North Kansas City. Chicken N Pickle is an entertainment

Big Dill Pickleball in Leavenworth, Kansas

By CINDY GRISHAM / Special to the Times Buffalo Bill Cody Park tennis courts are often full of players. Ironically the courts are full of pickleball players, not tennis players. Pickleball is a great sport for exercise and socializing. The game is a combination of ping-pong, badminton and racquetball. The court