People weigh in on future Amherst Central Park, in Buffalo, NY

"Things for older people, sports facilities, and a lot of green grass and trees." Author: Leanne Stuck - September 12, 2019 GETZVILLE, N.Y. — Thursday night, the big question on the table was what do people in Amherst want to see in the future Amherst Central Park. The development of the land near Maple Road

Pickleball – Fastest Growing Sport in the Nation

VIDEO: Pickleball - Fastest Growing Sport in the Nation What makes pickleball popular to many across the nation, including in north Mississippi? Erin Wilson - TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) - No ping pong table, no tennis court; players described the sport of pickleball differently. "Ping pong on steroids," John Bryson said. Although it's one of

VIDEO: The Popularity of Pickleball in Utah

Aug 19, 2019 Best described as tennis meets ping pong, pickleball is the fastest growing sport in Utah. Deena Marie chatted with Suzee Anderson, who’s been playing for six years, and currently travels the world competing. Suzee says the game is easy to pick up, and a lot of fun right off

Rec Center is crowded for the Dorian Doubles – Aiken, SC

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) – There is a crowd at the Odell Weeks Recreation Center in Aiken. “We have over 200 people here from ten states,” said Michele Bullington of Aiken. States like Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina…even Florida. And towns like Hilton Head Island. “Anybody from Alabama?” “Not that I’m aware of…not that I’m

Carpe Diem: Pickleball

Carpe Diem: Pickleball VIDEO: KFOX-TV - Carpe Diem Pickleball EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) — Pickleball is a growing sport in El Paso and across the nation.It's a sport that has been around for 50 years since it's inception in Washington State in 1965. The sport combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong on a playing field that looks

The Recommended Pickleball Drill Collection!

Are there too many Youtube Pickleball videos for you to wade through tonight? Here are links to key Pickleball drill videos, primarily on Youtube, recommended by an assiduous student of the game, and organized by topic [If you have other videos to recommend, please shoot us a message!]: Pickleball drills: 3rd shot drop

Wisconsin Gov. Evers and First Lady spend Saturday playing Pickleball With the People – VIDEO

VIDEO: Governor Evers and First Lady Play Pickleball With the People Gov. Evers and First Lady spend Saturday playing pickleball By Michelle Baik  - Aug 24, 2019  |  SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. (WMTV)-- Gov. Tony Evers and the First Lady spent Saturday morning playing pickleball with their fellow enthusiasts. Gov. Evers and First Lady play pickleball Several pickleball courts

VIDEO: 3 Key Tips To A Crushing Forehand Drive with Top Pickleball Pro Michelle Esquivel

3 Key Tips To A Crushing Forehand Drive with Top Pickleball Pro Michelle Esquivel Want to crush forehand drives like the pros? Top Pickleball Pro shows us how she absolutely crushes her forehand drives with the these 3 simple steps... ► FREE 3rd Shot Drop Course: Connect with Michell Esquivel: Facebook: