Nebraska’s first-ever sole-purposed Pickleball courts open in Kearney

New Pickleball courts in Kearney, Nebraska! WATCH THE VIDEO! KEARNEY, Neb. — After two months of construction, the first-ever built from ground-up pickleball courts opened in the state of Nebraska with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, August 14. The Kearney Association Pickleball Court along with Kearney Parks and Recreation, the City of Kearney VIDEO: Players flock from across North America to Red Deer Pickleball Open BYRON HACKETT - Aug. 9, 2019 Less than ideal August weather did not hold competitors back from the annual Red Deer Pickleball Open. With the new courts open and ready for action, close to 400 players packed the courts Friday for

Video: Want to See an Illegal Serve?

The One Infinite writes, "I am the originator of this jump serve. The idea came to me as I was pondering how to use my athleticism to the maximum advantage in the sport of Pickleball." Watch The One Infinite's Video: Then see the Official USAPA Rules [linked HERE]:  "4.A.3. At the beginning

Why Las Vegas Gambled on Pickleball

Why Las Vegas Gambled on Pickleball Pickleball is growing in more and more areas and venues are putting real dollars towards investing in the sport. Plaza Hotel & Casino can be considered another pioneer in this direction, including building the first dedicated pickleball courts in a Las Vegas hotel. So when

Video: Doubles Pickleball Strategy & Creating Offense With The “Step Back” Dink (Advanced)

From Prime Time Pickleball, with Jordan Brave Briones: Doubles Pickleball Strategy & Creating Offense With The “Step Back” Dink (Advanced) Want to discover secret doubles strategies used by the pros? This technique is so effective yet not widely known and is incredibly effective. All the top pros use it...