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Pickleball gaining traction in North Platte, Nebraska

Barb Baldridge gets set to return a shot during a pickleball match at Memorial Park in North Platte on a Wednesday night earlier this month. Roughly 50 players in the area turned out on the night for a round-robin doubles tournament on seven courts at the park for the sport that […]


Holly Hill, Florida: Pickleball superplex will open in summer

Billed as the “Wimbledon of Pickleball” and slated to be one of the biggest pickleball venues in Florida, Pictona at Hollyland Park in Holly Hill is nearing completion for a summer opening.


10 Health Benefits of Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that is both interesting and also helps you to stay fit. Here’s 10 health benefits you can obtain from playing pickleball.


Where to play? Hattiesburg, Mississippi, pickleball fans frustrated by lack of facilities

Marlana Mardis Mims has been playing pickleball for two or three years, and she likes to play at least five times a week.The problem is — finding a place to play in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.


Players backhanded by proposed pickleball fee increases in Naples, Florida

The pickleball crowd isn’t exactly akin to a biker gang. They show up in shorts rather than leathers carrying backpacks rather than chain wallets. But show up they do, in huge numbers on weekday mornings at county parks to play the game that has taken over, literally.


Garfield, Idaho – Pickleball every Thursday morning!

A pickleball activity will take place every Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Garfield Latter-day Saint Church on 3700 E. Paddles will be provided and beginners are welcome to come learn and participate.


Pickleball popularity picks up in Daniel Island, SC

On a brisk Saturday morning in February, Daniel Island was bursting with outdoor activity, especially at the pickleball courts where a group of at least 20 people gathered and engaged in lively matches on the four small courts.


Pickleball classes scheduled throughout year, in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Pickleball classes on second weekends Pickleball 101 classes will be on the second Saturday of each month throughout the year, with Pickleball 102 set for the second Sundays of the month, all at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church gym. Saturday classes will run from 9 a.m.-noon. Players are expected to provide their own water,…


Charleston, Illinois, City Council allocates money to pickleball tournament

The Charleston City Council unanimously approved a resolution to give $2,400 in tourism funds to the Midwest Pickleball Indoor Championship.

The championship will be March 19, 20 and 21 at Eastern Illinois University.


Gold medal-winning pickleball player takes up bowling and sees immediate success

Sue Astley, a gold medal winner across three different states in pickleball, picked up bowling as a new challenge and rolled her first 600-plus series last week at the Virgin River Bowling Center in Mesquite.


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Serve Like You Mean It – Mark Renneson – [Video]

The serve in pickleball can do more than just start the point. In this video, Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson shows you how Robert Elliot uses his serve to great advantage.


In2Pickle – 2020 Pickleball Rules Changes – The Highlights [Video]

The USAPA adopted changes/additions to the pickleball rules effective 2020. We tackle some of the rules in this video – primarily rules that might affect the way you play.


Three 3 Person Drills that will make you a better pickleball player! [Video]

Pickleball Instruction shows you how to practice three 3 person drills so that you aren’t stuck waiting for a fourth player to show up. Instead, these drills will help to elevate your game.


2020’s Top 9 Pickleball Skills & Jordan’s Complete Pickleball Game Skills Mastery Program

Does your pickleball game have holes? Learn Jordan’s complete pickleball skills development program so you can master all the skills you need to win…


The “Erne” – How, Why and When to hit it – Coach Joey with Simone Jardim & Wyatt Stone [Video]

Simone Jardim is joined by Joey Farias and Wyatt Stone, as Joey shows the proper way to hit a forehand and backhand “erne” shot, named after pickleball legend Erne Perry. Joey also explains when to hit the shot, as well as when not to!


In2Pickle – Solve the Pickleball Serve Yips – How to [Video]

Ever “lose” your pickleball serve? It is generally called the yips and here we show you how to get rid of the yips.


The Healthy Habit Of Pickleball – [Video]

Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to find out what works for others! This woman says when it comes to health, Pickleball is what keeps her on the move and feeling great! Find out why she recommends that you give it a try – a learn more about the sport!


Pickleball plans spread to Green Bay’s west side, could spur economic development

Pickleball is considered one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S and the pickleball bug has spread to northeast Wisconsin.


Western Dupage Special Recreation Association Practices Pickleball – Naperville, Illinois [Video]

The Western DuPage Special Recreation Association partnered up with the Naperville, Illinois, Park District to get a crash course in pickleball.


50 years after fighting in Vietnam War, allies reunite on Missouri pickleball court

From the same battleground in the Vietnam War, to the pickleball courts in Jefferson County, former allies pair up again almost 50 years later.


Pickleball Products

What’s the Best Pickleball Paddle for Control & Spin?

Countless pickleball paddles exist, developed by even more numerous manufacturers. ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle $88 | Amazon   The best way to find your best paddle is to sample as many as you can — swap with your partners! You may find that you prefer a paddle that is longer, or lighter, or you…

The Cap: Pickleball! Make Tennis Courts Great Again!

The Cap: Pickleball! Make Tennis Courts Great Again!

The first ever designer pickleball clothing line that actually brings the theme of pickleball into the clothes/fabric. Visit the site!  PickleballBella is offering a 10 percent discount to everyone who signs up to receive its emails.

Best-rated Paddle Grip Wrap on Amazon — 12-pack — Comes in Red, White or Black

Get a grip! In fact, get twelve! These are Z Best Racket Grip Tape Overgrip (Package of 12) to wrap Pickleball Paddles. Available in White, red or black.

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