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SaddleBrooke Pickleball – Holiday Party Review

By Nancy Dowell – December 27, 2019


From left: Pam Kruse, Wendie Nelson, Carol Szympruch.

What a spectacular Holiday Party! Droves of Pickleball players and their guests flowed into Mountain View Country Club on Wednesday, December 4 appropriately regaled in festive holiday attire. Luckily, name tags were provided because it was surprisingly difficult to recognize one another dressed in holiday finery in place of clothing compatible with dashing around on a Pickleball court. The enthusiasm, usually reserved for the day’s Pickleball games, was re-directed fully embracing the festive evening. A social hour, with butler passed hors d’oeuvres, was followed by a wonderful meal, gracefully served by the professional and personable Mountain View Country Club Staff.

The moment the dance floor opened, it was packed. Western Dance Club dance instructors, Tom and Pam Kruse effortlessly put their swing skills to work, while Carol and Ed Szympruch smoothly glided by with their dance shoes working quite well. Yes, a conga line was spotted with JB, aka Jon Bailey, gleefully bouncing along right in the middle of things. SPA vice president, Gary Stevens and his stunning wife, Peggy, expertly threaded their way around the dance floor. Lori Sifford embraced the revelry and inspired all with her energy, smile and dance moves.

With just over 130 attendees, the merriment was contagious and very little was discussed about the usual popular topic, Pickleball. The partners and guests in attendance were most likely grateful for the break from the relentless discussion about the game or the typical badgering about trying it. The event further confirmed that Pickleball players are a fun, nice and inclusive group ready and willing to have fun on and off the court.

Thank you to Social Committee Chair, Linda Bailey, and committee members, Sue Deskovich, Mary Gajeske, Ann Lange, and Karen Richey for organizing a truly wonderful evening. It was a fantastic kick-off to the holiday season.

Brent’s* Pickleball Tip:

“Get to the kitchen line and stay there! The game is controlled at the kitchen line. Most newcomers want to give themselves more time to react to a shot and therefore stay too far back- anywhere from 1 foot behind the kitchen line all the way to as far back as the baseline. How close should you be to the line? Three to six inches. How does one get to the line? The team receiving the serve should be there immediately after returning the serve. One of the receiving team is already there and the partner returning the serve should advance immediately after returning serve. If physical liabilities exist that inhibit speedy movement, hit a deep lofted return to provide enough time to get to the line. The serving team will try to get there after the third shot drop into the kitchen. If the third shot drop is not well executed, they should keep trying to gain the kitchen line with the fifth or seventh shot drop. Work your way up to the kitchen line. Once there, stay there! If you need to step back to play a shot, return to the line immediately!”

*Brent Carlson is Chair of the Player Development Committee for SPA

See you on the courts!


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