How it is in Vermont

How it is in Vermont:
Verbiage you can slice a backhand through….
Here’s the link to last Friday’s Addendum 8 to Order by Gov. Scott***:
And, here’s the paragraph therein that is arguably relevant:
“g. Recreational Sports. All recreational sports programs, including organized and/or informal recreational youth and adult league sports, practices, games and tournaments, are hereby suspended. This suspension shall not apply to school-sponsored sports activities which are subject to applicable Agency of Education Guidance.”
Yet, gyms in Vermont have not been ordered closed, but are required to maintain Contact Logs, etc. See above-linked Executive Order, at d through f.
So, may a gym in Vermont allow people to engage in informal sports that are not a “recreational sports PROGRAM” — and that are not “LEAGUE sports, practices games or tournaments” (emphasis added)?
If asked for my fine legal analysis (which no one has), my interpretation would be: Yes, according to that text, informal sports, practice and games that are not part of a “program” or league are NOT suspended by this Order (although admittedly it is difficult to imagine how a “tournament” could be “informal”).
But, we must face our reality – the steadily advancing red tide:
Some of us Vermonters grew a little casual in our conduct as our summer and fall progressed; some of us did not. I am not sick or symptomatic, but I do recognize responsibility for (though not authority over) the safety of those near me.
Do we gather to play indoors during the next month, or do we stay at home with household members, moodily swatting balls against the garage wall?
*** Note: Curiously, regarding what’s “suspended”, the Vermont state website that presents an attractively formatted synthesis of the governor’s series of COVID orders omits the reference to sports “programs”: