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Pullman, Washington, Council Approves Tax Increase, Considers More Pickleball Courts – With Lighting!

2021-22 budget, chamber of commerce contract also discussed

By Anthony Kuipers, Daily News staff writerNov 18, 2020

The Pullman City Council passed a 1 percent increase in the property tax levy, the emergency medical services tax and the Metropolitan Park District tax on Tuesday.

That will add up to an increase of just less than 4 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, according to Pullman Finance Director Mike Urban.

The increase was approved to address an increase in costs for Pullman programs and services.

The increase of the regular property tax, along with new construction dollars, is estimated to bring in more than $7 million in revenue in 2021.

During Tuesday’s meeting, which included a discussion and public hearing on the 2021-22 budget, city Economic Development Manager Jennifer Hackman requested $4,000 to hire a marketing firm to help create a marketing packet for commercial brokers and developers interested in Pullman.

“What I want to be able to do is create a marketing packet with information delivered in a simple, professional way for the development community,” she said.

This packet would include information on Pullman industries and workforce, the business climate, demographics and market information.

She said that information is currently found in a lot of different places, and a packet would bring it together.

There was also lengthy discussion about the Pullman Chamber of Commerce contract, which is automatically renewed annually unless the council decides not to renew it.

The council decided to let the contract renew but is planning to propose amendments to the contract in January. Some of the changes the councilors brought up is adding performance metrics to determine if the chamber is meeting certain goals and focusing more on digital promotion.

During the public hearing phase of the budget discussion, two city residents requested that Pullman pursue adding more pickleball courts at Sunnyside Park with lighting. They said pickleball has grown in popularity in Pullman, and the lighted courts would make Pullman suitable for pickleball tournaments.

The final budget will be brought to council Dec. 1.

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