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Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios could be set for a temporary career change after the governing body of a sport called Pickleball officially invited the Australian to take part in their national championships in October.

It’s the gentle sport whose quirky name came from either a dog or a boat (no one seems to know for sure); pickleball has come to Tamworth. Pretty new to Australia, it’s part tennis, part badminton and part table tennis – and, according to some early adopters, all fun.

Watch the VIDEO! Move over lawn bowls, golf and tennis – Pickleball is the latest sport of choice for senior citizens and it’s taking off across the globe. Monique Schafter TRANSCRIPT: MONIQUE SCHAFTER, REPORTER: It’s a Friday morning at a sports centre in Sydney’s north-west and these athletes are ready to take each other on….

Rachael Houlihan IF you’ve been wanting to find something new to keep fit, look no further than the quirky-named pickleball. WATCH THE VIDEO! The unique sport, a mix between between tennis, badminton and table tennis, is played four times a week at the Warrnambool Stadium and city mayor Tony Herbert is encouraging new players to […]