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On August 3, Barbara Powers was in a “blind, 71-year-old panic.” She had traveled on motorcycles to the national pickleball tournament in Lynchburg, Va. At a motel in Lafayette, Tenn., Powers discovered that she had lost her fanny pack purse — which contained her green card, her driver’s license, her credit and debit cards, her cash, her phone and her glasses.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 After weeks of clearing and resurfacing the former East Ridge High School Tennis Courts, the City is officially opening the newly resurfaced courts with the addition of lines for pickleball play. On Saturday, Aug. 10 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., participants can play both tennis and pickle ball with equipment provided by […]

Nashville is home to some of the best country music around, and many Tennesseans have started singing the praises of pickleball too! There are many locations where you can take your paddle and get involved in the growing competitive scene while experiencing some Southern hospitality for yourself, so don’t delay and join in the fun! […]

by WTVC EAST RIDGE, Tenn. —  The City of East Ridge says recently updated tennis and pickle ball courts will soon be available for teams and enthusiasts of the two sports to practice their skills. The City says it’s is near completion of the $25,000 renovation project on the courts in front of East Ridge […]

Morris Powell lines up against Chet Sisk in a game of pickleball on Monday, June 10, 2019, at the Singleton Community Center in Bartlett. An estimated 3 million people play pickleball nationwide, including several hundred locally. For retiree Rick Darling, the best thing about playing pickleball has been developing friendships and relationships over the past […]

A Pickleball Boot Camp will be held May 27-31 on the campus of Maryville College. Pro pickleball players and instructors from around the county will be leading the camp. Pickleball players from all levels will be grouped together to get instruction and work to improve skills. Pickleball is a paddle sport that is similar to […]

Crossville-chronicle.com: “Tennis [and pickleball] can be defined as violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility.”  —Billie Jean King  Because golf courses are large, and because Fairfield Glade has five of them, there is a lot of conversation about the links in and around our community. As a result, the world-class Fairfield Glade…

[From The Tennessean:]. Hey, Julie Nidiffer shouted over to her husband, Jerry, in their Bellevue home a year ago, maybe we should start playing pickleball. They say old people can play it, so maybe fat people can, too.  “Pickle what?” he said. The two laughed at the name. But it was a serious idea, one that might…